Valentine’s Day — Love It or Hate It?

So with Valentine’s Day coming up, there are always different opinions about it.  Those who have “somebody” love it and those who don’t, well, don’t.

I don’t hate it … but I don’t love it either.  To me it’s a “Hallmark Holiday”.  Showing our love shouldn’t be saved up and only brought to the surface for one day a year.  We should be telling and showing our love every day!  There is this idea that showing our love needs to be these huge romantic gestures but more often than not it’s the little things that speak louder then these grand gestures.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a romantic gesture as much as the next gal BUT I have also come to appreciate the little things that my husband does every day that say “I love you”.

What I like about Valentine’s Day is that it’s a time of year when I get some really good ideas on ways to be romantic.  There are ideas everywhere you turn!  I make notes of ideas that I can use all year long – date ideas, recipes, etc.  I even start a Christmas list about this time of year.

My husband tends to be more of an introvert so gestures big or small just don’t come naturally to him.  When we were first married, I was complaining about feeling unloved and his comment to me was something along the lines of that fact that he brings home a paycheck so I don’t have to work so of course he loves me.  At the time, all it did was make me angry but I’ve come to appreciate that I have been able to be a stay at home mom because he has a good job that he goes to every day so that I can.  Even now that we’re empty nesters, he knows that I like to be home and has not put pressure on me to work outside the home.  That’s one of the ways that he loves me!!!

Life, for me, is loaded with those little things –

  1. He gets up 30 minutes earlier than I do every morning and makes coffee
  2. On weekends, I get coffee in bed
  3. Makes sure I have wood in the wood bin to literally “keep the home fires burning”
  4. Fills my car with gas when he drives it
  5. Unloads the dishwasher (why do I hate doing that so much?)

And so many more!!!

One of the big gestures that he did was for our 10th anniversary. He wanted to plan the whole thing so I let him.  He told me to pack for warm weather so I did.  I was treated to a 7 day trip to the Big Island, Hawaii!  He rented a cottage on a hobby coffee farm that included fresh coffee and eggs each morning (the chickens just ran around the property).  We went snorkeling, swimming, hiking, driving, and just sat on our private deck and read.  It was fantastic!!!

Shortly after we were married (about the same time as the “feeling unloved” conversation happened), we purchased a book called “1001 Ways To Be Romantic” by Gregory Godek.    We have pretty much worn it out!  It is filled with ideas – big and small.

Here are a few websites that I have used for ideas –

The Dating Divas

Six Sisters Stuff – 14 Days of Love

Mamas Like Me

May you have a blessed and romantic Valentine’s Day and every day!


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