Loving by example and what I cooked for Valentine’s Day 2017

First of all, here’s a little distraction.  This was the view from my bedroom this morning.

Can you imagine a rainbow in February?  Not usually in the Inland Northwest!!!  It was breathtaking and a much needed sign of a glorious morning (and not a gray one).

I was reminded over the weekend of all the ways that my husband loves … not just me but others, as well.  He has a tradition of buying our daughters flowers on Valentine’s Day (they are now 28 and 23 yrs old).  It’s not because he thinks that flowers are the important part of the day but because he wants to remind them that they are princesses of the Most High God and they deserve to be treated as such.  Now that we have a granddaughter, he has added her to the tradition too.  So here we were on Sunday morning buying flowers for one of our daughters and granddaughter (because we see them on Sundays and he wouldn’t see them on the actual day) then again on Tuesday so that he could give them to the other daughter.  As I was admiring him for the thought of it all, I got to thinking about all of the ways that he loves our daughters and granddaughter.  Now remember, he’s a practical kinda guy so these might not mean much to some people but to our daughters, they “get it”.  In the last year, he has gone car shopping with each of them; moved the youngest twice and maybe three times; gone out on a cold winter evening to check the car of the older daughter before she drove home because she had been in a “fender bender” and was concerned about the condition of her car; changed tires (snow tires to all-season); fixed computer and wi-fi problems, played chauffeur for the youngest to/from school and work while she was between cars (hence the car shopping), moved a washer and drying to an upstairs apartment AND hooked it up … and the list goes on.  In his world, you love someone by protecting them … taking care of them … doing what you can to make things a little easier and less stressful … just being available to serve.  What a guy!!!  Remember that showing love comes in many different forms.

I usually show love by feeding people…it’s just my “thing”.  My hubby is very easy to feed because he’ll eat anything I put in front of him.  I can probably count on one hand the times he’s said “I don’t care if you ever make this again” (which is code for YUK).  I can’t recall a time when he’s refused to eat anything … just mentions that I don’t have to make it again.  To show my hubby how much I love him, I planned a dinner that I had never made before.  Trying new recipes inspires me!  Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I forgot to take picture through the process but did get some of the finished product.  Here it goes!

This year I made Rock Cornish Game Hens with Rice “Stuffing” and Chocolate Red Wine Cake! 

Let’s start with the cake!!!  I’m actually doing this first on purpose because we actually ate dessert first.  Life is short, as they say!  I truly think that I could have finished off the cake and skipped dinner altogether.  It was amazing!!  I got the recipe from Club 31 Women.  Her site is great and huge resource so be sure to check it out.  Here is the link to the recipe.  Now drum roll please ….

Doesn’t that look delicious!!!  The recipe didn’t call for the raspberries on top but I decided to add them at the last minute.  If I had had chocolate syrup in the house, I would have drizzled some on top but alas, I did not.

Onto dinner – Rock Cornish Game Hens with Rice “Stuffing”!  This recipe was SO easy.  All the ingredients are put into a 9 x 13 pan and put in the over.  Viola!  About 2 hours later, you have dinner.

I made homemade bread to go with it which only added to the comfort of the entire meal.  I thought about adding a vegetable side but decided that green vegetables were completely overrated (not really but I didn’t want to feel guilty for not eating my veggies).

Needless to say, we were stuffed!!  I would totally make both of these recipes again.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love and warmth!



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