Spring Is Here SO Let’s Get Our Sexy On!!!

Spring is finally here!!!!  I don’t know about you but I love spring!  Spring is a time of new beginnings — new grass, new leaves, perennials coming up.

After being wearing those yoga pants all winter, (you know the ones — the ones that expand and you don’t have to hold your tummy in) now it’s time to put them away and lighten up a little!

It’s also a time when “love is in the air”!  Remember in school when you started getting those crushes and couples started showing up EVERYWHERE.  Things haven’t changed much, I don’t think.  Now that we’re married, we just need to get a crush on our husbands.  Oh come on, you know you want to!!!  It’s time to get our sexy on!!

For woman, the biggest part of feeling sexy is feeling pretty.  We’re made to want to feel pretty!  When we were young girls, we wanted to be a princess … it made us feel pretty and special.   As we grew up and got married, that “pretty” turned to “sexy”  when we were with the love of our life.  We still want to feel that way!

So how do we do that?  Here are some things that I do when I want to take it up a notch —

  1.  Change your hair – a new hair cut and style, or maybe high lights.  Just something that will make you feel “new” and “fresh” — and yes sexy!
  2. Get a manicure and/or pedicure – I love manicures and pedicures!  I know that some people don’t like to have their feet touched and that’s totally okay.  You can always do one yourself!  But, again, I love them!  Sometimes I even splurge and get tips put on rather than just a manicure.  There is just something about having soft hands and feet and polish!  My husband is partial to RED so I usually do my toes with that for him.
  3. Shave – teehee!  I know, I know!!!  But let’s be honest, we sometimes neglect this during the winter when we’re in our yoga pants and not shorts.  It’s not that we go all winter without doing this but it’s not as often.  So take care of it!
  4. Smelly lotion – Go buy (or get out of the bathroom closet) a nice, pretty smelling lotion.  It you get a hint of the scent during the day, it will remind you that you smell good … and I mean GOOD!!!
  5. Take a long, hot bath – Yes it’s okay to pamper yourself!  In fact, it helps you be a better you!  Hot water, a good book and a drink of your choice and life is good.  (just for the record, when I’m feeling really sexy, I may do several of these things and then be waiting in a hot bath when hubby get home … just sayin)
  6. A new nightie – Sometimes we just need a little push to get our sexy on and this can help.  I usually sleep in a t-shirt which serves it’s purpose but it just “is”.  One of the things that I like to do is put on a button up dress shirt … then hubby can unbutton it (woohoo).  I have lingerie too (yes red) that I pull out for these sorts of occasions.
  7. Initiate love making – This one is more difficult for some and I get it!  But the reality is that nothing makes us feel sexier than our husbands wanting us!  So be a tease, flirt a little, lead him to the bedroom … whatever!  He’ll enjoy it and so will you!!!

This is a great book that I would recommend to those of you who would like to take “sexy” and “sex” to the next level.  It’s written by Sheila Wray Gregiore and titled “31 Days to Great Sex”.  (this is an affiliate link)

So take some time and do something that makes you feel “pretty”!  You’ll feel like a princess that wants to “woo” her prince.

Enjoy Spring in a whole new way!!!





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