Older vs Younger — Where Do You Fit In?

Are you an older woman or a younger woman?  This is kind of a loaded question, isn’t it?  We don’t really want to put ourselves in a category because it usually has to do with “age”.

I recently got a book called “Journal-A-Day the Titus 2 Way – 365 Journaling Prompts for Growing in Godly Womanhood” by Rachel Ramey.  I normally don’t  journal but wanted to get some ideas for blogging and thought this might help.  Needless to say, I love it!!!!

One of the first prompts was asking the criteria of an older woman and a younger woman.  It was thought provoking and I was kinda of surprised where I found myself.  Here are some of my thoughts –

  • The initial inclination is to say that this all has to do with age (i.e. over 50+ years old is an older woman/under 50 years old is a younger woman).  Using this method of determination, I would fall into the “older woman” category.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly okay with that description BUT it’s not necessarily a complete description.
  • Does it have anything to do with life experiences?  Absolutely!!!  It’s very true that “older women” have more life experience.  Their guidance and knowledge comes from a “been there, done that” perspective.  They can share what worked and didn’t work for them as they experienced life.

Younger women may be just starting out this journey of married life and motherhood OR they have come to a point where they want to make changes and don’t know where to start.  They are searching for someone to guide them and walk along side them as they figure this out.  The need and desire for someone to understand and give words of wisdom and enlightenment is strong.

  • Can younger women teach older women?  Again absolutely!!!  This is a new generation of women and they’re smart!  They are innovative and think outside the box.  The phrases “we’ve always done it this way” or “it’s just how it’s done” just don’t always fly with these ladies.

Technology has changed so many things in the last 20+ years and homemaking, motherhood and womanhood are no exception.  There are things that can be done differently AND be more efficient in the process.  I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true!

  • What about the women who are in the position to pass on life skills, insight and wisdom but also still need some themselves?  They have raised kids and managed a home but now find themselves empty nesters, looking at retirement, caring for grandchildren and also watching their parents age and see the need care for them, as well.  This group is quite often referred to as “the sandwich generation” … sandwiched between caring for kids and/or grandkids and caring for their parents.  These women continue to seek guidance on being a parent to adult children, being a grandparent, transitioning to empty nesters and maybe even retirement.  Where do they go for advice?  The reality is that they often go to those aging parents … or a friend who is in the same stage in life … maybe even those adult children (remember they have lots of information at their fingertips).

It’s not easy to figure out which group you might fall into.  Perhaps there is a great deal of overlap.  I decided that I’m a “sandwich” (a reuben sandwich, I think — diverse flavors that go great together!).  Wherever you find yourself, embrace who you are and where you are in life!!!

Remember that we’re all in this together.  Each of us has our own individual life experiences that made us who we are.  So grab a girlfriend (no matter what the age) and let’s travel this road of life together … hand in hand … and learn all that we can from each other!



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